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Literature Review for Dissertation

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A Literature Review for Dissertation is a document which is approved by scholars solely for the purpose of showing utter understanding of the main subject matter that was being tackled in the dissertation. A literature review helps the reader to find relevant information from the dissertation that he requires for his study. For this reason it is clear that writing a literature review for dissertation requires a lot of time for going through the dissertation in order to determine the key points to highlight about the dissertation.

Time is not at the disposal of most students in higher learning and this is why University Assignment Help offers services for writing Literature Review for Dissertation for students in higher learning. We have the best literature review writers in the online writing business who are always ready on a 24hour basis to receive orders and produce high quality literature reviews without compromise on deadlines.

Literature Review Writing Help UK

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Owing to our experience in literature review writing, you stand a chance to encounter the best online editing services by placing your order with us. Our online writers and online editors boast of impressive academic backgrounds being holders of Doctorate and master’s degrees in various academic fields like sociology and engineering. We consider our largest customer base to comprise students and as a result we make our services affordable with easy payment procedures.

How to write a literature review for dissertation

Are you unable to finish your dissertation due to the literature review part? Is this giving you a nightmare? So, don't worry; we've got you covered with our step-by-step guide to writing an excellent dissertation literature review. Just connect with us and eliminate all your doubts and queries reading composing a flawless dissertation literature view. We promise to assist you in starting all your literature reviews till you end up scoring good grades. Get in touch with our experts and excel in your academic score now.

What do you understand by dissertation literature review?

If you are looking for someone who may assist you with a dissertation literature review? Relax Sample Assignment is here to help you understand what literature review means.

A dissertation literature review evaluates the sources that you have acquired and read on your topic critically and then finds a "gap" and tries to fill them.

There are many misconceptions regarding what precisely a literature review for dissertation comprises because it might vary. While a dissertation literature review occasionally needs to be a brief overview of critical sources, it necessitates that you critically analyze the material in order to express your ideas on it, whether they be favorable or unfavorable. What are your thoughts on a specific source? Does this interpretation significantly differ from other points of view in the literature? This level of critical involvement is required of you in a literature review.

The expectations for a literature review go beyond this, in contrast to a summary, which will most likely offer a straightforward rehash of the essential points of the source(s). A literature review may offer a fresh viewpoint on well-known research work, or it may incorporate both recent and antiquated perspectives (the "gap"; more on this later). A detailed and critical overview of the intellectual advancements in an area, with an emphasis on the essential and sometimes contentious debates, may also be provided via a literature review. In other instances, a literature review could offer a reader an evaluation of a source and explain its reliability, applicability, and relevance to the topic of the study.

There is a common misconception that literature reviews and academic articles are the same things. A literature review is typically included as part of an academic paper's goal to offer fresh research information on a particular topic. The literature review serves as the foundation for the research in a research paper; it aids in identifying any research gaps and supports any new arguments or insights you want to provide. Without adding anything new to the body of literature, the goal of a literature review is to summarize and offer a critical critique of the research ideas you have found in your readings. Hence, "literature review" helps you to have a clear picture of your research paper or dissertation.

How vital is a literature review?

The next step is to comprehend why one should be written in the first place now that we are aware of what a literature review is. Whether you like it or not, a literature review is a crucial component of any academic paper since it shows your reader or instructor that you have a thorough comprehension of the sources related to your topic or subject.

The literature review, though it may appear haphazard, aids in persuading the person reading and evaluating your assignment that what you have written about is essential and your arguments are sound and worthy. In conclusion, a literature review is crucial, and you should spend the necessary time on it to ensure success.

What Makes Up a Literature Review Good?

A literature review can be structured in a variety of ways, but the majority of them include a few fundamental components. With regard to your objectives for doing the literature study, make sure to articulate them in clear terms.

  • Objectives: Clearly outline the paper's aim as well as your goals for finishing the literature study.
  • Background/Introduction: Describe the background and motivation for your study topic.
  • Methods: Outline in detail how you evaluated the resources.
  • Discussion/Body: The discussion/body section includes an analysis or synthesis of the materials. Compare and discuss recurring themes and gaps in the existing literature. You could also wish to include a section on "questions for further research", where you can highlight any problems the review has brought up with the subject or field or provide recommendations for more study that builds on your present findings.
  • Conclusion: A concise overview of your analysis and appraisal of the studied works and how they connect to their parent discipline, the field of study, or the line of employment.
  • References: This is often known as a bibliography, which is a list of the papers you discussed.

Tips for writing perfect dissertation Literature Review

When writing the review, follow your outline and bear the following advice in mind:

  • Try to keep your audience in mind for whom you are writing the dissertation in your mind so that whatever you are writing must be understandable to them.
  • Avoid using jargon, and try to write in "simple english" when you're writing for a larger audience.
  • Reading short paragraphs is more straightforward than reading large paragraphs.
  • The structure of your evaluation may be emphasised with the use of subsections and subheadings.
  • Summarise the readings, but go beyond that. An annotated bibliography is not a literature review.
  • Don't give in to the need to reference *all* of the readings you've assessed. Put your first attention on the texts you've chosen to be crucial or indicative.
  • Inform the reader of the connections between your project and the literature, as well as how your project adds to it.
  • Be unbiased.

How to Conduct a Literature Review

A literature review is an essential part of your dissertation writing process. It basically helps you identify the various publication which are used in your search and make your research in the conversation. Eventually, the literature review enables you to convey how the new understanding you are constructing contributes to living scholarship.

Define your research scope

Specify the analysis area, issues and queries you want to address in your literature review. After that, make a list of the keywords and the topic or subject linked with your research topic and try to build a connection between all of them. You may also add some additional parameters that enhance your research writing, such as publication dates etc.

Build a research plan

In this step; you just need to build a checklist that what you have to add to your literature review our what not to add. Just try to identify the important aspects of the research and add them to your view. Highlight the main point of your research and add them to make your review eye-catching for the readers.

Explore strategically: Be efficient but thorough

Try to identify the keywords and the words that you used in your research and then try to enhance them in an effective manner so that you can easily understand what you are drafting. Keep analysis records with essential elements of your search: date, database, words that you used and their publications, and consequences. Specify types for significant themes, and manage search outcomes within these primary themes.

Critical reading and analysis

Before starting writing, try to identify the author's details and then only add in your research so that it may support your writing. Try to read the abstract, conclusion, and the foremost sentence of each paragraph to get rid of non-relevant literature. Have to record each source that you are adding in your literature review and try to key in all the important words or sentences that highlight your research, among others.

Build a connection between other literature reviews

Do check the other written literature review and build a connection between your dissertation and research paper. Assemble the literature review maintaining the relationship between topics with a soft transition from one area to another. Try to give your suggestion instead of quoting other scholars.

Combine the texts and draft

Now it is time to pull all your text and sources together and start writing your literature review. You will then be in a position where all the ingratiation that you are required to draft and literature review is available. So, compose the best literature review so that it leaves an impression on the readers.

Why do students need a literature review for dissertation from Sample Assignment?

Students find it challenging to construct their dissertation literature review because of the complexity of the research paper. In order to draft flawless dissertation literature reviews, they need a professional who may help them to compose that. This is the reason they try to choose us. We are renowned experts who may offer the best assistance to students at affordable rates. So that they do not face issues while writing it. There are other additional features also that we must entail. have a look at them.

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After receiving the assignment solution, if you are having any issues with the written assignment, then we promise to offer three free revisions within a specified period of time. But if you require to do some additional changes apart from that, then you have to pay extra for those changes.

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We do also offer 24*7 availability assistance to students. So, in case students are having issues with any of their assignments in the middle of the night and need assistance. You can easily connect with our experts and resolve all your doubts and issues. They are here to aid you at any time.


Why do students need help with a literature review for dissertations?

Due to a hectic schedule and lack of time availability, students need expert assistance in drafting their literature review.

How can we connect with your experts?

You can easily connect with our experts by visiting our websites and filling out the form. Our support executives are there to help you and try to resolve all your queries.

How much time does it require to compose a literature review?

It depends upon the word count of your assignment. Afterwards, on the basis of that, only our experts can tell you the deadlines.

What procedures do your experts follow to write literature reviews?

We do follow and read various journals and research papers from google Scholar and government sites, and then only we draft your literature review.

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